Google Sites is a website-building platform that allows you to create a website without having to know how to code it yourself. 
You can create websites with Google Sites using single-click page templates, and the tool does not require knowledge of HTML. Google Sites is one of several website creation tools available at St. Edward's. You can view and compare your options on our Setting up a Blog or Website page. 

Suggested Use for Google Sites

Google Sites might be a good fit for easily and quickly creating a simple website for a class project or to use as a wiki because of its ease of use and its flexibility with personal themes. Google Sites is tightly integrated with other G Suite applications and makes building a site using content in Drive, Sheets, Docs, etc., simple. 

Accessing Google Sites

You can find Google Sites through your inbox via the grid icon in the top right corner. 

Google Grid 

Scroll down through the apps and click the Sites icon. Once launched, Sites will prompt you to create a new site or edit an existing one.
Sites icon

Other Questions

If you have further questions about specific Google Sites features, Google has a quick reference Help Center or find more in-depth resources in Google's Learning Center