Would you like to view your current Canvas courses directly from myHilltop? The integration of Canvas with myHilltop gives you the ability to see your Canvas dashboard courses on your myHilltop homepage.

After logging in to myHilltop, you can choose to authorize an integration with Canvas — via the Canvas Connector — that will display all of your current courses directly on your myHilltop homepage. 

After you authorize the connection, your Canvas courses will appear at the top of your homepage as individual tiles, roughly half the width of normal myHilltop task tiles. Clicking a course from myHilltop directs you to the homepage of that course in Canvas.

Canvas Courses including links to all courses on dashboard

Setting Up Access to Your Canvas Courses 

1. To see your courses and to enable the integration, you must be logged in to myHilltop. To log in, go to the Sign In button in the upper right corner.

Hi, Sign In
2. After signing in, return to the menu and select Preferences.
Sign in menu with Preferences highlighted

3. To authorize the integration of Canvas and myHilltop, go to the Authorize Canvas Connector section and click the Authorize button.
Authorize Canvas Connector

4. Canvas will prompt you to authorize the access from OneCampus (the application that runs myHilltop).  Click the Authorize button to turn on the Connector.

Canvas OneCampus authorization.  OneCampus is requesting access to your account.
5. Once you have authorized the connection, you will see small tiles with the same courses that appear on your Canvas Dashboard. To access a specific course, click the tile. You'll be taken to the homepage for that course. To change the courses that appear on your Canvas Dashboard, see this Canvas Community article on Customizing Your Course List.

Note: As a reminder, to access your individual Canvas courses in myHilltop, you must be logged in to myHilltop.

Removing Canvas Courses from myHilltop

If you decide you'd like to revert the change and remove your individual courses from your myHilltop homepage, you can deauthorize the Canvas Connector.  

1. Click the gear (option) icon next to the Canvas Courses section in myHilltop.
Canvas Courses with option button highlighted

2. Click Deauthorize to remove the connection between Canvas and myHilltop. This will remove the Canvas Courses section from your myHilltop homepage. (You can still access Canvas from myHilltop through the Canvas task.) You can reauthorize the Canvas Connector at any time in the Preferences panel of myHilltop if you change your mind.
Canvas Connector options

More information about Canvas is available on the OIT support site (search for "Canvas"), through the Canvas Community and by contacting Instructional Technology.