Faculty can create online, auto-graded quizzes in Canvas. If you have a quiz in Word or in an online textbook, it can be imported into Canvas.

Canvas' quiz tool provides online delivery and grading of quizzes. Students can take quizzes in or outside of class. You can restrict the number of times a student is allowed to take a quiz and whether or not correct answers are displayed. Most question types, with the exception of essay questions, can be graded automatically.

Importing Quizzes from a Word Document

Respondus, an authoring tool that bridges the gap between print and online exams, can be used to transfer a quiz from a Word format into an online quiz in Canvas. Instructional Technology has Respondus available, and staff can show you how to use the application. Submit a support case and someone from Instructional Technology will set up an appointment to help you.

Importing Quizzes from a Textbook 

If your publisher provides quizzes you'd like to import into Canvas, you can do so easily. But the quizzes must be in QTI format. Usually, they will specify that they're compatible with Canvas and the files will have an extension of .zip. Please check with the publisher or Instructional Technology if you're not sure about compatibility. Complete instructions for importing quizzes from a textbook can be found in the Canvas Training Center.

Creating Quizzes in Canvas

Canvas has a quizzing application to create new quizzes. Quizzes can be set for single attempt or multiple attempts. They can be timed, too. Review the Canvas Guide on Quizzing for complete instructions.

For more information on using Canvas, please visit the Canvas Training Center for faculty or try the Canvas Community for comprehensive resources beyond St. Edward's.