You're not always on the hilltop in Austin, Texas. After all, our students and faculty represent more than 50 countries and St. Edward's has 24 partner institutions across the globe. 

Wherever you are, though, you need simple, fast access to wi-fi. That's why St. Edward's uses eduroam. a global wireless network that connects universities and academic institutions around the world. 

How It Works

If you're studying or working at a participating eduroam university, in the United States or abroad, you can log in to the eduroam wi-fi network with your St. Edward's username and password. Students, faculty and staff won't have to worry about getting access to a new network, from a new school.

Likewise, international students, visiting faculty or other campus visitors can log in to the eduroam network at St. Edward's by using their credentials from their home universities, if those universities participate.  

How to Connect

Select eduroam from your list of available wireless networks. When prompted, you'll type your full St. Edward's email address in the username field. Your password is the same password you use for all your university accounts. 

Users visiting St. Edward's from other participating eduroam institutions will use the assigned email addresses and passwords from their schools.