Interested in scheduling your class in one of the Global Digital Classrooms? There are two ways: by the semester and for an ad-hoc event.

Semester Use

To schedule your class in one of the Global Digital Classrooms, please submit your request through your school as normal for any classroom, but include the following information:
  • Why would you like to use a GDC for your course?
  • How will the ability to use the GDC improve learning outcomes in your course?
  • How often do you expect to make use of the special features of the GDC? Please give a number for each of the uses you listed above and any others you imagine.
  • Will you be connecting an external participant globally via video conferencing tool?
Rooms will be assigned based on the following criteria in this order:
  1. Use of high-definition video conferencing
  2. Use of recording capability
In addition, the frequency of use will be taken into account. Classes must have a minimum of four uses planned to warrant regular scheduling of the rooms.  

Please note that you may also request to use the rooms on an ad hoc basis, which may be more appropriate for 1-4 uses during the semester. You may also be able to bring guests into your regular classroom using Skype.
In case of conflicts, decisions on which classes use the rooms will be decided by the Deans Council and Academic Affairs. Even if you are not scheduled to meet regularly in a GDC, it may still be possible to use the rooms as needed for external speakers, video-conferences, etc., so please share all ideas you have for use.  

Ad-Hoc Use

If you would like to schedule a specific event or a single class session in the Global Digital Classrooms, please use the 25Live Event Scheduler.
  • Please note: Room requests will be approved based on whether the unique equipment in the room (i.e., the video-conferencing and recording capabilities) will be used. Be sure and indicate your planned usage in the comments section of the reservation form.
  • All room requests must be made seven days in advance of the event.
  • Rooms may only be scheduled between the hours of 8 a.m. - 7:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. Requests for use outside these times will be considered with advance notice.
  • Only faculty and staff may reserve these rooms.
  • Please specify if you will require global video conferencing and participant email address

Using 25Live to Schedule the Global Digital Classrooms

  1. Go to 25Live and sign in with your St. Edward's login and password.  
  2. Click the Event Wizard at the top left of your screen.                                                                                      Event Wizard
  3. Fill out the form. You must include the following information:
    • Event name.
    • Event type (meeting, event, class)
    • Primary organization (search for your school or department)
    • Expected headcount
    • Indication of a repeating event
    • Date and time
    • Location. Search for LIBR and select from either LIBR 141 (fixed, lecture-style tables) or LIBR 143 (flexible furniture) ‚ÄčFind and Select Event Locations
  4. You will see the two library classrooms and information on their availability.  Rooms with a green checkmark are available during the requested time.                                                                                                          Selecting Room
  5. Select the room that is available and click Next.
  6. Continue through the Event Wizard
  7. In the Event Comments field, please indicate the purpose of your room reservation.  Will there be guest speakers connecting via video conferencing? Are you conducting class with another class in a remote location?
  8. Check the box next to "I agree" in the Space Affirmation field and select Finish. Your meeting will be saved in draft mode until the Office of the Registrar has approved it.
  9. You will receive a final confirmation once the room request has been approved.