Recording presentations from home is easy using Panopto from within your Canvas class.

With Panopto, you can record a PowerPoint presentation and provide audio — and video — of your presentation. Note: If you've created a video from another source (like Zoom), you can follow the directions at the bottom of this page for details on how to upload it.

Your instructor will enable Panopto for your class and set up a specific folder for your recordings. If you don't see that folder in your class, please contact your instructor.

Creating a Panopto Recording

  1. Log in to Canvas.
  2. Go to your course page.
  3. Find the link for Panopto Recordings on the left menu and click it. 
  4. A new page will open with available Panopto recordings. Click the Student Presentations box just below the "Name, Duration, Date, Rating" line. Please note: Faculty can name this folder something other than "Student Presentations."  Look for a folder that matches your assignment name or directs students to upload their video. Student Presentations folder with arrow to highlight
  5. Click the blue Create button and then select Record a new session. If you don't have the Panopto application installed, you'll be given the option to download the recorder for your specific computer (Mac or PC). Follow the prompts to install the software.
  6. When the software is installed, return to the Panopto Recordings page in Canvas. Click the Student Presentations button. Then click the blue Create button and select Record a New Session. Chrome users may receive a pop-up window to launch the application. 
  7. The Panopto Recorder application will launch. When the recorder application opens, make sure you're recording to the student presentations folder for the course. Panopto will sometimes default to recording "Offline," which means it will record to your computer instead of uploading it to the course folder. If this happens, you can change folders by clicking the folder button (#1)
  8. Change the name of your video by clicking in the Session field (#2). Your video name should include your name or your group's name, as well as the assignment name. 
  9. If you're recording a PowerPoint, make sure there's a check next to PowerPoint (#3) under Slides.
  10. Uncheck Record Screen Capture (#4) if you're only narrating your PowerPoint.  If you're using Google Slides, make sure this box is checked! 
  11. Make sure that you're recording with the correct camera and microphone by clicking the dropdown menu next to Audio (#5) and Video (#6) to select your devices.
  12. Click Start Recording (#7) when you're ready to record.                                                                    Panopto Recorder labeled
  13. Put the PowerPoint presentation in “Slide show” mode. Narrate and click through the presentation as you normally would.
  14. When recording is complete, exit presentation mode in PowerPoint (ESC key). Next, go to the Panopto recorder, click the stop button and then the blue upload button.
  15. You will see the upload meter as the recording is uploaded to the server.
When you see that the upload is in process, you're almost finished. In the event that the upload fails, go to the manage recordings tab and click "upload to server" to restart the upload. You may need to re-select the folder.  

Sharing a Recording's URL                              

  1. Locate the recording session you wish to share. 
  2. Select Settings underneath the session.
    Panopto Settings
  3. Locate Viewer link, under Session Information.
    Panopto Session Info
  4. Copy the URL within the section.
    Panopto Viewer Link
  5. Share the URL to anyone you wish to view the session. 

Complete instructions for using Panopto to record are available in our Getting Started with Panopto guides.

Uploading a Recording That Wasn't Made With Panopto

1. Navigate to the "Panopto Recordings" area of the course.
2. In the Panopto recordings area, there will be a gray box for you to click on.  The names vary from course to course but this is an assignment dropbox folder for uploading your video.
3. Once in the Assignment dropbox folder, click the blue "Create" button.
3. Select "Upload Media" from the list.
4. Click "Choose Audio or Video Files" and locate the recording you wish to upload.
5. Panopto will upload the file and it will become visible to your instructor.