myHilltop iconThere's a lot of new functionality in the latest version of myHilltop, some of it for the better and some of it for the even better. The new, improved myHilltop incorporates feedback from user testing and provides new features to fix the things that have always annoyed you. 

  • You can now search for tasks you need to do — with a search bar, not by combing through tabs.
  • If you liked the exclusive feel of the tabs, though, you can also filter tasks by who you are (faculty, staff, student) and/or by what kind of thing you're looking for (Academics, Financial Aid, etc.). 
  • MyHilltop is now accessible without logging in. You'll only type your username and password to access things that require them, or to customize your experience. More on that in a second.
  • Each thing you need to do now has an information page to explain to you how, when or why to do that thing. 
  • By favoriting a task — click the heart, just like Twitter — you can now keep your most-used tasks at the top of your home page. Note: You'll need to be logged in to favorite a task. 
  • You can now rate and review tasks. Let the people in charge know that a description is unclear, that you need further instructions or that a better link exists.
  • Frequently important stuff now floats to the top, with the myHilltop home page displaying your favorite tasks, those you've recently used and the most popular across the board. 
  • Fixed: Design is now responsive. Use this site on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.  
  • Fixed: Announcements in previous versions of myHilltop were limited in ability, and use. (Did you even know they were there?) Now you'll see announcements tied to particular tasks, so if you need to register for classes, the deadlines will be right there, with the red notification dot you know and dread.