Updated: Nov. 7, 2017
The latest update to myHilltop includes a new feature for those who have myHilltop as their go-to site and a clarification on organization for everyone. 


You've always been able to favorite tasks in myHilltop (once you log in), so you can keep the things you use most frequently right at the top of your homepage. You can also edit them (drag, drop and group) by clicking the gear icon next to My Favorites

Now, though, you can create your own bookmarks to external sites and store those in your favorites collection, too. (We'd recommend, adding support.stedwards.edu, of course.) You can add bookmarks by clicking the gear icon next to My Favorites and selecting New Bookmark

Edit My Favorites screen with New Bookmark button highlighted

Your bookmarks will appear as smaller tiles in your Favorites section. and they might save you remembering URLs to things not in myHilltop already. 

Most Popular by Category

The front page of myHilltop is organized by what's trending (the Most Popular section) and what's relevant to you (My Favorites and Recently Used). Now, the way the rest of the site is organized matches. 

If you search through categories to find what you're looking for, you'll notice that tasks aren't ranked alphabetically anymore. The most popular tasks in each category will appear first — because if everybody's paying their bill, maybe you should, too.  

Campus Life tasks, organized by popularity