Our Global Digital Classrooms (GDCs) provide an educational experience without the barriers of distance, with technology that allows for advanced video-conferencing and communication

On the first floor of the Munday Library, our two GDCs provide students, faculty and staff access to real-time, HD-quality videoconferencing capabilities that can be used to bring in guest lecturers or presenters from around the world.

The rooms can be booked for regular class meetings, less formal meetings, project groups and standalone events, like guest lectures, or any number of global learning opportunities. In the past, the rooms have been used for:
  • Linked inter-campus courses that meet jointly for some or all of their meetings
  • Interactive discussions between a local and a remote class
  • Guest lectures and Q&A with a remote expert or traveling faculty member
  • Pre-departure discussions with study abroad sites
  • Meetings including remote participants
  • Presentations from students studying abroad or in off-site internships
  • Sharing local expertise with remote participants
You can schedule a class or event in either room on an ad-hoc or semester basis. For more information on scheduling, please review our guidelines and instructions.

Nearly every classroom is equipped with an in-room camera and microphone for high-quality videoconferencing and recording (along with standard technology). For faculty, staff, and students with more sophisticated needs, our two GDCs provide access to real-time, HD-quality videoconferencing capabilities that can be used to bring in guest lecturers or presenters from around the world.

What the Rooms Can Do

High-Definition Videoconferencing

In addition to being able to connect with other locations with such equipment (e.g., Université Catholique de l'Ouest (UCO) in Angers, and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) in Japan), you can also connect to remote participants via the Blue Jeans web client. (In order to use Blue Jeans, an invitation needs to be set up in advance. Once the invitation is enabled they can connect using any computer or even an iPad.)  Videoconferencing can be point-to-point (two-way) or multipoint (with up to 18 total different connections) using our videoconferencing bridge.  

Audio-Video Recording and Archiving

You can record video conferences, as well as any events taking place in the rooms, using the built-in cameras and microphones. All videos are archived on our video server and can be kept private to a class or shared publicly on the web. Interested faculty should contact Information Technology at support@stedwards.edu.

Space and Seating

Both GDCs contain 24 seats, but the layout of each provides a unique classroom experience.
  • LIBR 143: The Brown Foundation, Inc., Global Digital Classroom. This room is arranged with classroom-style seating, consisting of three rows of tables with eight seats each.
  • LIBR 141: Global Digital Classroom. This room is arranged with movable furniture that combines to form four tables with six seats each. 

Equipment in Each Room

  • Five large TV screens, with three in the front and two in the back
  • One large white board in the front
  • Two video cameras, one each in the front and back of the room
  • Four ceiling-mounted microphones to record audio anywhere in the room, one lapel microphone and one microphone at the instructor’s station
  • Instructor’s lectern with touch-panel room control
  • Smart podium interactive monitor and pen for computer display and annotation of presentation materials
  • Doc camera for displaying non-digital materials
  • Cables for laptop display and audio.