Looking for a way to allow students to record their presentations outside of class time? Panopto allows faculty to set up an Assignment Folder that students can use to record and upload their presentations in Canvas.

The Panopto recorder is easy to use and allows students to use their personal computer to record a presentation and sync it to a PowerPoint presentation.

With the Panopto Recordings tool in Canvas, students can upload their recordings to a Panopto Assignment Folder. Students only have permission to record in the Assignment folder.

Note: There can only be one Assignment Folder per Panopto folder. If you need students to submit multiple presentations in the same class, you should:
  • Create one assignment folder and instruct the students on naming their Panopto submissions specifically for each assignment (i.e., John-Smith-Presentation-2, John-Smith-Final-Presentation).
  • Create a new subfolder within the class Panopto folder, like, for example, "Final Presentations."  Within that folder, follow the instructions below to add a new Assignment Folder. Students will need to click on the subfolder and then the assignment folder within that folder to submit their assignments.

Setting Up a Student Assignment Folder in Panopto

  1. Log in to Canvas.
  2. Enable Panopto Recordings, if you have not done so, we have instructions
  3. Click Panopto Recordings in the left navigation menu.
  4. Click Folder Settings in the Panopto folder menu.
    Panopto dialog box with arrow pointing to the Settings icon.
  5. Click Create Assignment Folder from the Panopto settings menu.
    Arrow pointing to Create Assignments Folder link
  6. Once you click the link to create the assignment folder, the name of the new folder will appear. By default, this folder is the name of the class with [assignments] appended.
    Panopto settings folder with the new assignment folder name
    Click the X in the upper right corner of the window to return to Canvas.
  7. Please give your students instructions to upload their Panopto videos to this folder. Specific instructions on using Panopto to record a presentation may be found in the Panopto instructions for students.

Allowing Students to View Other Students' Recordings

By default, only the student who uploads the file and the instructor in the class can view the uploaded video. If you would like students to view each others’ recordings or share them in the Discussion, you will need to change a setting in the Panopto Assignment Folder.
  1. Click the Assignment folder in the Panopto window to make it the active folder.
    Panopto Settings folder with an arrow pointing to the Assignments folder.
  2. Click the Folder Settings icon for the Assignments folder.
    Arrow pointing to the gear icon in the Panopto Folder Settings WIndow
  3. In the Settings window, select the checkbox to “Allow viewers to see each other’s sessions."  Click the X in the upper right corner to return to Canvas. Your changes are saved automatically. 
    Arrow pointing to Settings and Allow viewers to see each other's sessions

For other questions about using Panopto, check out these useful guides: