Once you've decided to create a custom mailing list at lists.stedwards.edu, you automatically become that list's Moderator. With great power, comes great responsibility, and here are several ways you'll be able to manage that list.

Creating a Mailing List

  1. Once you've logged in with your St. Edward's username and password at lists.stedwards.edu, select the Create List button. Image of the Create a List screen at lists.stedwards.edu.
  2. Enter the name you want for your list. There are some requirements: List names must be all lowercase; the first character of the list name has to be a letter or number; the rest of the name can include letters, numbers, dashes, periods, plus signs and underscores, though; and the list name cannot have spaces. 
  3. Enter the subject of the list and choose an applicable topic from the dropdown menu. Image of the data fields when creating a list
  4. Add a short description of your list's purpose and hit Submit Your Creation Request.

Editing a List's Settings

  1. Click the Home link at the top and then click either the My Lists or Search for List(s) buttons to find your list. After finding your list, click on it and the Administrative Options will appear.
  2. To restrict who can access your list, who can reply to your list and other list functions, click the View or Manage Subscribers link. 
  3. Under the Edit List Config drop-down, select Sending/Receiving Setup. Please note: The default setting for Who Can Send Messages should be "restricted to subscribers."  If you do not wish for subscribers to be able to reply to the list, change this to "restricted to moderators and owners"
  4. The default setting for replies is to reply to the whole list. You can limit that access by scrolling down to Reply address selecting "sender" from the drop-down menu; alternatively, you can enter a different email in the "other email address" field.
  5. Once you've set your preferences, hit Update at the bottom of the page. 

Adding/Removing Subscribers

  1. To modify the constituency of a list you moderate, click the Manage Subscribers tab at the top of the Basic Operations page. 
  2. To add a user, enter his or her email address and click Add. (Checking the box marked "quiet" will do so without sending that person an email.) To add multiple users at once, enter all email addresses (one per line) and click the Multiple Add button. Hit Add Subscribers when finished. 
  3. If you realize you've made a terrible mistake, all added users are listed under the Manage Subscribers tab and can be deleted.
  4. To delete a user, head to that Manage Subscribers tab. Check the box next to the appropriate email address and click Delete the Selected Addresses
  5. Final tip: To easily find users on a lengthy mailing list, you can use the Search for a User option either by email or name. 

Adding Moderators/Owners

  1. To add a new list Moderator, click the Edit List Config drop-down and select List Definition.  Edit List Config screen
  2. Scroll to the Moderators section and fill in the email address and name of the Moderator you want to add. Please note: You can only add one Moderator at a time.   
Note: When emailing to a group list (@lists.stedwards.edu) you won't get a copy in your Gmail Inbox. Gmail is smart about filtering emails. It recognizes that you sent the email, so it doesn't deliver a copy to your inbox. You will be able, however, to see a copy of the message in your "All Mail" label within Gmail.