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Getting Help with

The Marketing Office manages the St. Edward's University website and handles support for offices and content creators. If you need to request access to update pages, need additional pages added to your site se...

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Setting up a Blog or Website

St. Edward’s University offers several platforms for creating a web presence. Would you like to publish a website or blog for your class? Would you like your students to journal, blog or create online content?...

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Getting Started at

SEU Sites allows current faculty, staff and students to create individual blogs, websites or e-portfolios using WordPress. You can create a blog for personal learning or reflection; your course, module, tutori...

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Clearing Your Browser Cache

Many common issues found while browsing the web can be resolved by simply clearing out your browser's cache, where certain files and information about the sites you visit is stored. Clearing your browser cache...

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Web Accessibility

St. Edward's University is committed to ensuring that every member of our community has access to resources available on the web. The Office of Information Technology offers resources on creating accessible web...

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Backing Up Bookmarks

For added insurance, you can back up browser bookmarks in Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Here's how. Google Chrome To back up bookmarks on Chrome, click the menu button. Go down to Book...

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