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Internet, Phone & Video

Cell Phone Wi-Fi Calling

Enabling Wi-Fi Calling on Your iPhone First, verify that you have a smartphone compatible with HD Voice and that HD Voice is enabled on your current carrier plan (HD Voice may come at an additional cost de...

Why Won't My VPN Client Complete an Upgrade?

For those who use university VPN to connect to services on their Mac devices, we've identified an issue with the client — and a workaround. You may run into this issue when connecting via an older version of ...

Using WebEx

WebEx is a videoconferencing tool that is used for academic and administrative use. WebEx will be decommissioned in October 2019, and we have an article comparing your options. In the meantime here are some fre...

Students: Joining a WebEx Meeting for Class

Besides joining a meeting in WebEx, you'll also need to know the best practices for participating in a videoconferencing session. Note: WebEx is scheduled to be decommissioned in October 2019. We've outlined ...

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