Manually entering calendar details can be time-consuming. We'll show you how to take your class schedule and add it to your Google Calendar from the registration screen. 

Sending Your Schedule to Google Calendar

  1. Once you've completed registering for your courses for the semester, return to the Registration Self-Service screen. From there, click View Registration Information.                  Registration Self-Service screen
  2. Select the term you want to look at.                                                                                                   View Registration Information screen with Spring 2019 term selected.
  3. On top righthand side of the screen, click the email icon. Enter your email address and a subject line. Then click SendView Registration Information screen with class schedule displayed for Spring 2018 term. A dialog box, "Email Schedule and Downloadable Calendar File," is open.
  4. Now, if you go to the Gmail account you just entered, you should have received an email with the subject line you entered. Calendar entry for "STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP MSLC 6309 01" displayed in Google Calendar
  5. That email should contain a meeting entry for your course(s). Click Save to save the item(s) to your Google Calendar. Event entry for Strategic Leadership MSLC 6309 01 with option to Save the appointment to your calendar.