If you’ve ever called, emailed, chatted online or walked into our Moody 309 space, you’ve talked with our Help Desk, the first point of OIT support on campus.
Our goal with every interaction, of course, is to solve the problem you’ve experienced, but now we want to do more.
Actually, we have to do more, so we can support:
  • Online and blended courses
  • An ever-increasing number of cloud software
  • Flexible, tech-forward classrooms
  • Security and reliability of systems in a constantly changing landscape
The only way to do that is by changing how we work.
Illustration: A woman sits in front of a laptop computer. A man leans over the desk and points to something on the screen.

A New Focus

We need to be nimble — able to solve problems, yes, but also able to find solutions before a problem ever arises.
We need to step out from behind the Help Desk — so we can listen, learn and work with you in offices, classrooms and other campus spaces.
While we’re still concerned with making sure you get fixes fast, we also want to shift our focus to outreach, taking support to where you are.
Illustration: Neon open sign on the screen of a computer monitor

Phased Change

To do this, we’ve partnered with a team of higher education experts, BlackBeltHelp. So we can expand our services, they‘ve begun already to pick up some of our more routine support duties.
In the fall semester, our partnership with BlackBeltHelp allowed us to provide extended after-hours support for the university’s new online program.
That will continue going forward, and BlackBeltHelp’s experienced support staff also will begin to increase our capacity in several phases:
Phase 1 Late February BlackBeltHelp will take over as the first point of contact for all online chat sessions at support.stedwards.edu. 
Phase 2 Mid-March BlackBeltHelp's support team will handle phone calls to the Help Desk after 1 p.m.
Phase 3 Late March BlackBeltHelp will handle all Tier 1 support, escalating more complex cases to OIT staff when necessary. 

We’re still here, of course. You can walk into Moody 309 and be greeted by OIT support staff. And with this partnership (and the others we already have), we expect you’ll be seeing a lot more of us.