Faculty, staff, and students can share LinkedIn Learning courses and videos with anyone in the St. Edward's community.

Sharing LinkedIn Learning Content

The simplest way to share a video or course is to copy the URL of the video or course. To ensure you get the correct link, you can follow these instructions. 
  1. Log in to LinkedIn Learning
  2. Search for the course or individual video you wish to share.
  3. Open the video.
  4. In the upper right corner, click the Share icon and select Twitter from the list. Note: You do not need to have a Twitter account. You are just using this method to get the link to share.
    Share link selected with Facebook and Twitter in menu
  5. In the Share a link on Twitter dialog box, copy the link address.
    Share a link with your followers with the link highlighted
  6. Close the Twitter dialog box. Paste the link into email, Canvas or wherever you want to share content.

Embedding LinkedIn Learning Videos in Canvas

The embed option in LinkedIn Learning is only available to those who have connected their LinkedIn account with their LinkedIn Learning account. There is also a limit of 5 embedded videos per month.  If you are sharing multiple videos in Canvas, we recommend just sharing the links rather than embedding.
  1. Log in to LinkedIn Learning
  2. Search for the course or individual video you wish to share.
  3. Open the video.
  4. In the upper right corner, click on the Share icon and select Embed from the list.
  5. Copy the Embed code and then close the dialog box.
  6. The embed code is HTML, so you'll need to be in the HTML view in the Canvas Editor to paste the code. Open a Page or Assignment in Canvas. In the Rich Context Editor, click HTML Editor in the right corner of the editor. This will show the underlying HTML code. Paste the Embed code into the HTML on a blank line.
  7. Save your page to see the embedded video.

Sharing Collections (formerly playlists in Lynda.com)

Collections are made up of multiple videos or courses. If you want to share an entire course, you don't need to make a collection. 

Note: You must be a sub-administrator to share collections in LinkedIn Learning. Once you've created a collection, it's available only to you. If you're not a sub-administrator, contact OIT Support and we'll work with you to set up an account that lets you share collections.

Creating a Collection

You can create a collection of multiple videos.
  1. Log in to LinkedIn Learning.
  2. Search for the first video or course. To the right side of the video name, click the Save icon.  
  3. Click Create new collection and name your collection.
  4. Search for the next video for your collection. This time when you click the Save icon, you can click the collection name to add it to the collection.
    Saved! Name of Collection with a + sign to the right. Create new Collection.

Sharing a Collection

  1. If you're a Sub-administrator, you'll see a menu option at the top of the screen Go to Admin.
    Go to Admin highlighted from menu
  2. From the Admin menu select Content.
    Content selected from admin menu
  3. From the Content menu, select Collections
    Collections highlighted
  4. In the Collection image, click the three horizontal dots in the bottom right corner and then select Get shareable link.
    3 horizontal dots selected with Get Shareable link highlighted
  5. The link will be copied to your clipboard.