We provide digital cable for on-campus televisions, but using it will require brief setup. 

To set up your TV to receive all channels available on campus, use your TV’s auto scan feature to program the channels into your TV.

The process for doing this is not the same for all TVs, but you can try the following general steps.
  1. Go to the Menu or Setup screen on your TV.
  2. Search for a section named Channel or Setup. Once there, select Cable.
  3. Look for Auto Channel Search or Channel Scan. Then select that option.  
The scan may take some time to complete. To ensure your TV correctly programs all available channels, avoid interrupting the process.

Some TVs may support scanning for over-the-air antennas. Do not select this option if your TV also has a cable option, or you may not see all available channels when the scan completes.

If the steps provided above don't work, please refer to your specific TV's owner's manual for instructions on completing an auto scan.

Don't know where the manual is? If you know the model number of the TV — check for a sticker on the back — you can Google it and usually find instructions.