Portfolium is a learning portfolio application being piloted during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Learning portfolios (eportfolios) are collections of student work and other evidence from their career in higher education — often accompanied by reflections — that demonstrate broad skills and competencies possessed by the students.  

General Education and other departments will use learning portfolios for integration, student reflection and assessment. The purpose of the pilot is to define the practices and processes for learning portfolios so we can better understand the requirements for selecting a portfolio technology platform. 

Instructional Technology selected Portfolium as an interim learning portfolio tool because it's easy to use and plugs into Canvas as an LTI tool (like Turnitin).  

Accessing Portfolium

How do students access Portfolium?

Students in the pilot will receive an email invitation to Portfolium. They do not have to log into Portfolium at that time. Assignments will be generated in Canvas directing them to Portfolium. 

How do faculty access Portfolium?

Most faculty in the pilot will access it through Canvas. They will need to create a separate password the first time they log into Portfolium through Canvas. Once faculty have completed the initial setup of Portfolium, they do not need to log in again, as long as they're accessing Portfolium through Canvas.

Faculty members who would like to pilot Portfolium with a course or in some other way can submit a brief request form

Why do I need a separate password for Portfolium?

Students and faculty who access their Portfolium account through Canvas will have to set an initial password different than their St. Edward's password. This is because Portfolium accounts belong to students for "life" and will persist past the end of their time at St. Edward's — and the end of their university account access.

Once the student or instructor has completed the initial setup of Portfolium, they will not need to log in again as long as they're accessing Portfolium through Canvas.

Creating and Submitting Assignments

How do faculty create Portfolium assignments in Canvas?

Faculty will create an assignment with the type External Tool.  Portfolium has full instructions for creating a Portfolium assignment in Canvas, and these instructions also cover grading Portfolium assignments. 

How do students submit a Portfolium assignment in Canvas?

Instructions for student submissions can also be found in Portfolium's help pages

Support for Portfolium

Portfolium offers direct support to faculty and students through Portfolium Guides and chat.