Over the summer, we retired the university mobile app. In a world where most of the critical St. Edward's websites you visit are mobile-friendly, the mobile app didn't seem to have a clear place anymore.   

That said, you still need to manage much of your life at the university from your phone, and we want to make that as easy as possible. 

Which brings us to myHilltop mobile, the same one-stop shop you're used to, now tailor-made for your phone. The myHilltop mobile app gives you a quick way to search tasks on the go. You can find contact information for offices on campus, too, and get shortcuts to Canvas and the campus map. 

myHilltop mobile promotional graphic

You can download the myHilltop mobile app in the iOS or Google Play app stores — and you can continue, of course, to visit myHilltop in your mobile browser, too. 

With that — and the start of the fall semester — in mind, we thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the other important apps every Hilltopper needs. 

Our Must-Have Apps


Your phone may have a native email function, but Gmail works best and most reliably when you use it Google's way, with the Gmail app. 

Google Drive

Likewise, Google Drive has a separate standalone app — as do the other pieces of G Suite like Google Calendar or Google Hangouts Meet. 

Canvas Student or Canvas Teacher

No matter which program or school you belong to, you'll interact with Canvas, our learning management system. (If you've been through Orientation, you already have!) It's worth noting that Canvas has two mobile apps: one for students and one for instructors. 

Topper Safe

The Topper Safe app does a number of things, like giving you options to report emergency or non-emergency safety concerns, allowing you to share your location and set up a "Friend Walk" and providing key emergency contact information. The Office of Campus Safety runs the Topper Safe app and can answer any questions. 

St. Edward's University Guidebook

Need info and a schedule for Orientation? Homecoming and Family Weekend? Graduation? Guidebook is your go-to event app throughout your time at St. Edward's.