At St. Edward's, myHilltop is your one-stop shop for getting things done. Whether you're a student or a faculty or staff member, your on-campus life runs through myHilltop. 

Using myHilltop

The first thing to know about using myHilltop is that it's a search-based platform, with several ways to find what you need. 


How It's Organized

Individual items in myHilltop are called "tasks." (You'll also notice groupings of tasks called "task centers.") The homepage serves as a way to surface or highlight important or frequently used tasks through several sections. 

The Featured section displays tasks that are timely, new or otherwise necessary. The tasks pinned here rotate throughout the year, depending on what's happening on campus. 

The Most Popular section of the homepage shows the tasks that are most in-demand among the St. Edward's community at that moment. The order of the tasks changes based on trending popularity. 

If you're logged in to myHilltop, you'll see the My Recently Used section, which shows, of course, the tasks you have used in your most recent session(s). 

Filtering by Role or Category

There are multiple ways to find the tasks you need in myHilltop. Besides the site search and the homepage, you can also look for tasks by browsing categories. 

myHilltop header with the Categories menu expanded.

Categories are helpful if you know the type of task you're looking for, but you're not sure what it's called. 

Because myHilltop is a resource for everyone at the university, there are hundreds of tasks available, many of which may not be applicable to you. To help filter what you see, you can select the role(s) that apply to you. The tasks you see — whether you find them via site search or by browsing categories — will then be only those tagged for the role(s) you have selected. 

The myHilltop header with the Roles dropdown menu expanded

Using Favorites and Bookmarks

With hundreds of tasks, you may want a way to customize what you see. You can favorite any task in myHilltop by clicking the heart icon on the task tile. Note: You need to be logged in to favorite a task. 

Once you've favorited a task, it will appear in a personalized My Favorites section on your myHilltop homepage when you're logged in. 

My Favorites section with favorited tasks noted by the filled-in heart icon
You can further customize your homepage by clicking the gear icon next to the My Favorites section. Here, you can reorder your favorites or group them into specific collections (e.g., "Classes," "Work Tools"). 

Additionally, you can add bookmarks to outside sites that aren't otherwise available via myHilltop. Use a site frequently in your day-to-day work or classwork? Create a bookmark for it, and that site will be available at your fingertips in your My Favorites section. 

Add a New Bookmark window with fields for entering the bookmark title and URL

myHilltop Mobile

myHilltop mobile promotional graphicYour go-to site is also available on-the-go. myHilltop is mobile-friendly and can be used in your phone or device's mobile browser. 

For even faster access, you can download the myHilltop mobile app for iOS or Android. With the app, you can search available tasks as you would normally, but with the added convenience of easy buttons for office contact information, the campus map and Canvas. 

Note: By default, mobile versions of myHilltop (either in a mobile browser or through the mobile app) show mobile-friendly tasks. If you're using the site in your browser, you can adjust this setting by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and clicking Show Not Mobile Friendly Tasks. (Currently, there is no override available in the mobile app.)

Authorizing the Canvas Connector

Canvas, the university's learning management system, is accessible via myHilltop. You have the option, however, to create shortcuts to your individual Canvas classes using myHilltop's Canvas Connector. 

This Connector adds another section to your myHilltop homepage, called My Canvas Courses, where your active Canvas courses will appear. You'll need to authorize the Connector to see this section, and you can de-authorize the Connector at any time.