At St. Edward's, one of our primary videoconferencing tools is Google Hangouts Meet, which works with and can be accessed from Gmail, the university's email. 

With Google Hangouts Meet (sometimes referred to as just Google Meet), you can quickly and easily hold video chats or online meetings with one person or an entire group. Google Hangouts Meet is integrated with Google Calendar, making it easy to set up and have your participants attend. 

About Hangouts Meet

You can access Hangouts Meet directly at or you can find it through your Gmail inbox via the grid icon in the top right corner. 

Google grid

Hangout Meet Features

  • Video chat with up to 50 people from anywhere, including people without a Google account
  • Add an integrated Google Meet from Google Calendar or share the link for ad-hoc meetings
  • Attendees can share their screen and text chat within the meeting
  • Host and attend meetings on Android and iOS devices with the Google Meet app

Using Google Hangouts Meet on Your Phone

The best way to use Google Hangouts Meet on your mobile device is by downloading the Google Meet app from the iOS app store or the Android Play store. We support the Google Meet app on iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. It's important to remember the Google Meet and Gmail apps are separate and distinct.

Additional Questions? 

If you have further questions about specific Google Hangouts Meet features, Google has a robust online Google Learning Center.