At St. Edward's University, you can use Box or Google Drive to store, share or collaborate with others. You can find a more detailed comparison below that outlines which tool might meet your needs. 

Important: The services described are administered by St. Edward's University and are distinct from any personal account you may have with Box or Google. It is strongly advised not to store any institutional data on your personal accounts. 

Basic Features

Box Icon Google GSuite Icon

Best for ...

- Collaborating on documents, Boxnotes, spreadsheets, presentations, as well as bookmarking links, with people at St. Edward's and outside of the university

- General purpose file storage and sharing for individuals and groups.
Storing, sharing and collaborating on Google Docs, Sheets and Slides with people at St. Edward's and outside of the university. 
Storage allotment Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum file upload size 15 GB
* for external accounts it would depend on their Box account type.
5 TB
File types Any Any - (Types)
Accessible off-campus Yes Yes
What kinds of institutional data can be stored or shared using  Restricted Data Types  Restricted Data Types 
Accessibility to individuals with disabilities Box provides an accessible interface ( that may be easier for individuals with disabilities to use, but it offers only a subset of features available on the main interface. For more, see Using A.Box.Com For Accessibility. Drive poses accessibility concerns and takes considerable time to master. For more information, see Google Accessibility

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File Access

Box Icon Google GSuite Icon
Upload Methods Upload button
Drag and drop
Upload embed widget
Box Drive
Drag and drop sync
Download local copy Yes Yes
Web Access Yes Yes
Preview file content in browser Yes, over 100 file types Yes
Sharable web links Yes, create links with access control:
- Unrestricted "People with the link" (anyone with the link can access the file)
- "People within your Company" Only St. Edward's University accounts could access the file using login credentials
- Collaborators within the folder could access the file
Yes, create links with access control:
- Unrestricted (anyone with the link could access the file)
- Only St. Edward's University accounts could access the file using login credentials
- Specific individuals (only individuals you specify can use the link to access the file or folder)
Edit files in the browser Yes, using Microsoft Office Online   Yes, edit Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, or, using Office Compatibility Mode (OCM), edit Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations
Mobile Access Yes, you could use the Box mobile apps, or you can access the Box mobile site from the browser on your mobile device. Yes 
Desktop Access Box Drive on Windows or MacOs Yes (after installing Google Drive File Stream)
Email to folder Yes, see Upload to Box Through Email No 

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Box Icon Google Icon
Invite Collaborators Yes, invite collaborators to share individual Box Notes and folders Yes, invite collaborators to share files or folders
Permission levels - Co-owner
- Editor
- Viewer Uploader
- Previewer
- Uploader
- Viewer
- Previewer
- Uploader
- See Collaborator Permission Levels
- Can Edit (others can edit the file, comment on it, and share it with others)
- Can Comment (others can view the file and comment on it) 
- Can View (others can view the file)
Permissions controlled by... - Owner
- Co-owner
- Editor - have limited ability to change permission settings
- Owner
- Editor - have limited ability to change permission settings
File ownership Files are owned by the owner of the folder. Files belong to the account holder who either created the files in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides or uploaded them to Google Drive. 
Transfer ownership Yes, owners can transfer ownership of folders to anyone. Yes, owners can transfer ownership to users with St. Edward's Google accounts. 
Version Control Yes (retains the 100 most recent versions of file's history) Yes (continuous history stream)
Real-time, simultaneous editing Yes (using Box Notes and Office Online) Yes (for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides)

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Other Features 

Box Icon Google Icon
Search Yes, search for folder and file names, metadata, or the contents of most common file types.
See Search.
Yes, search file names, metadata, and file contents, filter search results by file type, ownership or application, or use the advanced search to refine your search using specific phrases and commands.
See Find files in Google Drive.
Video Preview Yes Yes
Virus Scanning Yes Yes
Usage statistics Yes, use Access Stats to track totals for downloads and previews of your files  No
Bookmarks Yes, save bookmarks within your Box account to link to Box files, Box searches, and external websites.  No
Custom file metadata Yes, using metadata No
Integration with Canvas Yes Yes