Do you have a great idea for a mobile app? Are you implementing a service that comes with its own? There's a process for that. 

The Office of Information Technology and Marketing work together to vet new apps and publish them under the university account in the Android and Apple stores. Both offices have a role to play in publishing any new apps developed or requested by the St. Edward's community.

OIT's Enterprise Information Systems team manages the university's app store accounts and works to ensure all apps published within it meet the technical standards of the stores and of St. Edward's. Marketing reviews all proposed apps for compliance with the university's brand standards. 

Submitting an App

Whether you have developed a mobile app or have been provided one by a vendor, please submit your request to publish the app through university accounts to so both OIT and Marketing can review it. 

OIT Review Process

OIT staff will take the following steps when reviewing an app request: 
  • Conduct reasonable scanning and testing of the app against risk and compliance standards. 
  • Alert the requesting department about any ongoing maintenance needs, as well as specific app store policies. 
  • Work with the requesting department and/or third-party vendor to grant developer access. (Individual departments will have access to the apps they own within the St. Edward's account, but not others.)
  • Publish the app (pending Marketing approval). 

Marketing Review Process

Marketing staff will take the following steps when reviewing an app request: 
  • Evaluate alignment of the app with university brand and reputation standards, as well as with recruitment and retention goals. 
  • Inform the requesting department about brand standards and Marketing policies. 
  • Designate at least two people to serve as "owners" of the app and its functionality, in an effort to maintain continuity and consistency. 
  • Discuss promotional plans with the requesting department to drive engagement with the app. 
  • Outline relevant analytics and metrics to evaluate the success of the app. 
  • Work with OIT to finalize approval for publishing to the app stores. 

Ongoing App Support

Creating a mobile app isn't a one-and-done process. There are ongoing maintenance needs, for which the requesting department (or the vendor they're working with) will be responsible. We are here to help, however, and both OIT and Marketing will provide some limited but sustained support. 

OIT Support

Ongoing maintenance (whether on the app itself or on the app store entries) is the responsibility of the requesting department or vendor. OIT will perform the following support functions:
  • Perform annual scans for risk and compliance issues. 
  • Maintain developer access and access controls. 
  • Alert the app's designated owners of any problems OIT is made aware of. (If we are unable to contact a developer or otherwise resolve the issue, we will unpublish the app.) 

Marketing Support

  • Perform an annual analytics review. 
  • Discuss alignment of apps with OIT on a periodic basis. 
  • Alert the app's designated owners for an update if the app is no longer brand-compliant.