Faculty will find a variety of classroom setups across the St. Edward's campus. This guide will help you find the right classroom for your teaching style.

Our general classrooms are set with traditional desks and chairs — or tablet desks — in rows, and they are equipped a standard set of technology. The following types of classrooms are also available to meet more specific pedagogical needs:

Classroom Type


Active Learning Classroom All desks and chairs are movable, and writable surfaces are available for students. These classrooms support active learning pedagogies by allowing for easy transition to a wide variety of configurations, accommodating individual, small group and full class participation.
Flexible Classroom Desks and/or chairs are movable. These classrooms can be reconfigured easily to allow for individual, small group and full class participation.
Computer Classroom Equipped with desktop computers for all students. These classrooms may be set with the computer in rows or with the computers along the perimeter with rows of desks in the center.
Global Digital Classroom These classrooms, located in the Munday Library, are equipped with HD-quality video conferencing and recording capabilities.

You can search for specific setups in our classroom list