All St. Edward's students, faculty and staff have access to the thousands of online training resources has to offer, including videos on Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, SPSS, NVivo and more.


You can sign in with your university username and password at and immediately start learning from experts in every field, free of charge and without ever leaving your couch. 

You can also download the mobile app for iOS and Android. To log in, you'll need to do the following:
  1. Click Already a member?.
  2. Click the Organization tab.
  3. Click Web Portal and enter and click Log In.
  4. Enter your St. Edward's username and password.
Note: Unfortunately, personal accounts cannot be combined with our academic licensed account. You can contact and ask them to send you a list of courses and certificates completed through a previous account.​

Sharing Videos, Courses and Playlists videos and playlists can be shared via a link. Videos also can be embedded in a webpage or a Canvas page.

Sharing a Video or Course via a Link

  1. Log in to
  2. Search for the Video or Course you want to share.  
  3. In the upper right corner, click Share.
    Share icon with right arrow
  4. Copy the link for either the entire Course or the selected Video.
    Share this video within your organization followed by link and copy button and Share this course within you organization followed by link and copy button

Embedding a Video in Canvas

You can also enable a thumbnail of the video to appear on a Page in Canvas.
  1. Follow the instructions above to click Share. 
  2. Copy the Embed code. 
    Embed this video, followed by code and copy button
  3. Log in to Canvas and access your course. Edit an existing Page or create a new Page.
  4. Click HTML Editor in the upper right corner of the Canvas editor.
  5. Paste the copied Embed code into the HTML window.
  6. Click Rich Content Editor to return to the normal editor view.
  7. Click Save and Publish.
Note: Within Canvas, not all features, like the Transcript, are available. Viewers will be prompted to log in to after previewing a video.

Creating and Sharing a Playlist has a short video that covers creating playlists. Once you have created your playlist, you can share the link by going to Playlists in the menu.  
  1. Select the playlist you wish to share.
    Owned Playlists menu with Adobe Premier highlighted
  2. Click the Share button and then URL Link.
    Share this playlist via URL link
  3. Choose Copy this link for someone within St. Edward's University and copy this link using Control or Command V. 

Sample Playlists

Instructional Technology staff have curated some playlists on popular topics. We encourage you to use and share them as needed.