All St. Edward's students, faculty and staff have access to the thousands of online training resources LinkedIn Learning (formerly has to offer, including videos on Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, SPSS, NVivo and more.

Accessing LinkedIn Learning

Go to myHilltop and search for the LinkedIn Learning task or go directly to LinkedIn Learning

Connecting for the first time

The first time you log in, you have the option to connect your personal LinkedIn profile with the LinkedIn Learning account you have through St. Edward’s. 

Connecting your LinkedIn profile means LinkedIn Learning will tailor more closely video and course recommendations to your interests, your skills, and your field. You can also add completed courses and certificates to your LinkedIn profile.

Note: If you wish to share content via an embedded video in Canvas, you must connect your LinkedIn account with LinkedIn Learning.

Of course, you don’t have to connect the two. If you do, we want you to know what St. Edward’s LinkedIn Learning admins can and can’t see about you. 
  • CAN see LinkedIn Learning courses you’ve viewed or completed
  • CAN see your basic LinkedIn Learning profile information
  • CAN’T see your LinkedIn connections or your private messages
  • CAN’T see job search activity on LinkedIn 
If you want to connect your LinkedIn profile, click Connect my LinkedIn account

If you don't want to connect your LinkedIn Learning account with your personal LinkedIn profile, click Continue without connecting my LinkedIn account, enter your St. Edward's email address when prompted and log in with your university username and password.

You now have access to LinkedIn Learning.  Connect your LinkedIn account either Connect my LinkedIn account or Continue without connecting my LinkedIn account.

Logging in to LinkedIn Learning

Once you have set up initial access, you will log in either with your: 
  1. LinkedIn account (if you connected these) OR 
  2. Your university account, by clicking Sign in with your organization account, entering your email address when prompted and then logging in with your St. Edward's username and password
LinkedIn login screen with Sign in with your organization account highlighted.

Changing Your Connection to LinkedIn

If you decide you'd like to connect LinkedIn Learning with your LinkedIn account, you can always do so after your original log in.
  1. Go to Home on your LinkedIn Learning menu.
  2. Click the Connect my profile button.
    Connect my profile