At St. Edward's, our primary calendar tool is Google Calendar, which works with Gmail, the university's email. 

Google Calendar provides access to your important meetings and events, whenever you need them and wherever you are. The calendar syncs across your devices, so you can create, share and edit invites and events at your convenience. 

About Your Calendar

You can access your personal calendar directly at, or you can find it through your inbox via the grid icon in the top right corner. 

The app launcher is the grid icon in the top right corner of your Gmail inbox and provides access to other services like Google Calendar.


Using Google Calendar on Your Phone

The best way to check your calendar on your mobile device is by downloading the Google Calendar app from the iOS app store or the Android Play store. OIT supports the Google Calendar app on iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. 

The Google Calendar and Gmail apps are separate and distinct. 

Sharing Calendars

As a member of the St. Edward's community, you can see free/busy times on your colleagues' calendars by default. To see more detail, they'll need to share their calendar with you. Additionally, you'll need to share your calendar with anyone outside the university if you need them to see your accurate availability. You have full control over the visibility others have with your shared calendar, and you can adjust the permission settings to suit your needs. 

Creating New Calendars

While you'll have your own personal calendar, you can also set up new calendars for more distinct uses like keeping track of staff vacation schedules or important events. You can select which calendars you want to see by selecting them in the My Calendars pane on the left side of your Calendar view. 

Google Calendar also allows you to set up appointment slots for things like advising appointments or office hours. 

Other Questions

If you have further questions about specific Google Calendar features, Google has a robust online Help Center