Canvas is the university-supported Learning Management System (LMS).  It's used for posting syllabi, course content, assignments, discussions and grades, as well as for communication between students and faculty.

You can access Canvas from myHilltop or by going directly to

Classes in Canvas

All classes, as well as faculty and student enrollment, are populated automatically in Canvas before registration for the next semester begins. Faculty can choose to use Canvas by adding content and publishing their course. Students will only be able to see the content of a Canvas course once that course has been published and the course start date has passed.

Course start and end dates are determined by class dates in the official course schedule. Faculty, however, can change the Start and End dates in Canvas to allow students earlier or later access to course materials.

If you don't see a class you are teaching or enrolled in on your Canvas Dashboard, you can Favorite a course for easier access.

Learning to Use Canvas


  • View a curated list of online training materials in the Canvas Training Center.
  • Visit the Canvas Community Instructor Guide.
  • Contact OIT Support to request an appointment with an Instructional Technology staff member.
  • To assist your students, import the Student Guide to Using Canvas from Commons into your class by searching for the title in Canvas Commons. This page includes short, 5-minute videos and links to documents for students on using the Canvas interface, setting up notifications, using InBox, submitting assignments, checking grades and viewing feedback, participating in discussions, and using the Mobile Apps.


Canvas Mobile App

A mobile app version of Canvas is available for both iOS and Android devices. Not all functions of Canvas are available through the mobile app, however. The Canvas Mobile Guides includes information on the Student Canvas app for both students and instructors, as well as the Teacher app for instructors. 

More information about Canvas is available on the OIT support site (search for "Canvas"), through the Canvas Community and by contacting Instructional Technology.