If you're using Box to share files and collaborate on them, you may also need more flexibility in how you work on them.

Box Edit

Box Edit is an add-on feature that allows you to edit files stored in Box using the native applications on your computer. If you're working on a Microsoft Word document stored in Box, you'll have the option to open the file and edit it from your computer, using Word. 

Troubleshooting Issues

After installing Box Edit, you have to approve the plugin for use in your web browser. Firefox, for example, will show a bar at the top of the browser window asking for this approval. If you continue having issues, you also may want to restart your browser. 

Box Sync

If you still want to sync files stored in Box to your computer, the Box Sync client is available on Mac and Windows for this purpose. We recommend, however, that you don't sync all your files and folders, as it may take up to much space on your hard drive. It's best to sync the folder you're working on at the time using Box Sync.  

For reference, however, Box has successfully tested and rated Box Sync for syncing up to 100,000 files. 


What to Expect

Please note: Folders don't sync down by default when you install Box Sync. You'll need to choose which folders you want to sync to your account. (See Box's Subfolder Sync page for instructions.) 

There will be some delay for the initial sync after a folder is marked as a Sync Folder. The delay will depend on the number of files in the folder. A folder containing many thousands of files could take hours or longer to sync. When performing the initial sync, we recommend leaving the desktop on overnight. This will require the user to be logged in, although the computer should be locked.

If your files still aren't syncing, there are a number of possible reasons. Box has outlined a list of potential errors and what they mean. 

Deleting Sync Folders

When you delete a folder from Box Sync, that folder will no longer sync to your computer. But it will still exist in the Box web interface. The Box Sync FAQ page from Box support has more detailed information on what to expect. 

Changing Sync Locations

You can only customize folder settings when you first install Box Sync. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Box Sync client will allow you to choose a new location. Please be sure to follow the Box Sync documentation to ensure that you uninstall Box Sync fully.