If you're using Box to share files and collaborate on them, you may also need more flexibility in how you work on them.

For that, there's Box Drive. If you still want to sync files stored in Box to your computer, the Box Drive client is available on Mac and Windows for this purpose. This new app from Box gives you the same access to your files as you would have on Box.com, but as a folder on your computer.

What to Expect

Box Drive works by adding a Box folder to your computer. It functions like a flash drive or external hard drive and may appear next to those devices on your computer. Similarly, when you move or drag a file into your Box Drive folder, you are making a copy in Box, so it's always handy to delete your local copy if you only want it on Box to cut back on used hard drive space.

If your files aren't syncing, there are a number of possible reasons. Box has outlined a list of known issues and how to troubleshoot them.

Please note: Box Drive is replacing the former Box Sync app. If you were previously a Box Sync user, be sure to uninstall the Box Sync app before using Box Drive.