Our primary goal with the transition to Gmail was to replace the functionality of Zimbra: email and calendar. But you're probably wondering about Google Drive.

We're as anxious to add Drive to our list of tools as many of you are. But, like with any new piece of software, we have to evaluate Drive for security, compliance and auditing standards. We need to be sure that any information someone from St. Edward's stores in Drive will be safe and secure — up to and exceeding the requirements we have as a university. 

Right now, we're focused on getting the entire university community using Gmail and Google Calendar. In the meantime, a group outside of OIT is evaluating Drive, and we will join in that analysis in the Fall semester. 

In the meantime, we do have existing tools in our Global Learning Ecosystem
(like Box) that cover file storage and sharing needs. 

Sharing Google Docs and Drive Files

If people outside the university share Google Drive materials (e.g., Google Docs, Spreadsheets or Presentations) with you, you will not be able, for now, to access those with your St. Edward's account. 

You will still be able to access these documents from your personal Gmail account, however. You'll just need to toggle to it from the account menu in the upper right corner of your inbox. 

We understand the inconvenience, and we're working to assess adding Google Drive to our suite of tools. Thanks for sticking with us.