Google Drive is one of our supported collaboration and storage tools at St. Edward’s, along with Box.  

Currently, students, faculty and staff have access to both Google Drive and Box. To better help you understand the strengths of each tool, we've put together a comparison chart of their features.  

About Your Drive 

You can access your personal Drive through your St. Edward’s Gmail account using the Google Grid. 
Google Grid

You can also search for "Google Drive" in myHilltop.  

Using Drive on Your Phone 

Download the Google Drive app from the iOS app store or the Android Play store to access your Docs, Sheets and Slides.  

There’s also a separate app for Google Keep, which works with Drive and allows you to take notes or jot down to-do lists on the go.  

Using Drive on Your Desktop 

Similar to Box Drive, Google offers the option to store Drive files locally on your computer. To do so, you'll need to install Google Drive File Stream. Anything saved to your Drive File Stream folder will sync to your personal Drive.

Students, Take Your Files With You 

When you leave the university (around graduation time, let’s say), you can take the files from your St. Edward's account with you. Google Takeout allows you to export data — including email, calendar items and photos — and transfer them to another Google account. 

For complete instructions, see Google's walkthrough of the process  

What's Included with Drive

Google Drive is the storage platform, but the more important additions to our university toolbox are Drive's component pieces for collaboration and sharing. 

Google Docs

Google Docs is a word processor, much like Microsoft Word or Box notes. You can write, edit and collaborate on documents much like you would in those other tools, but with the added convenience of Google Drive and its many integrated parts. 

Google Forms

With Google Forms, you can create simple web-based forms. The features are similar to Qualtrics but scaled down for easier use, like lightweight surveys or forms. Check out our comparison of the two to figure out which tool works best for your needs. 

Google Sheets

Use Google Sheets to make quick spreadsheets, storable and shareable within Google Drive. Features, including templates, are similar to those in Microsoft Excel. 

Google Slides 

Google Slides works well for clean, web-based presentations and provides a similar experience to Microsoft PowerPoint. (You can even convert PowerPoint slides to Google Slides, and vice versa.) 

Shared Drives

Shared Drives allow offices, departments, classes or groups to share ownership of Google Docs, Forms, Sheets and Slides. Students might find Shared Drives helpful for organizing on-campus clubs or collaborating on group projects. Faculty could create a Shared Drive for their course. Learn more about Shared Drives in Google's Learning Center

Additional Questions?

If you have further questions about specific Google Sites features, Google has a quick reference Help Center or find more in-depth resources in Google's Learning Center

To install or configure Google Drive File Stream, click here.