CrashPlan is designed to be a self-managed, automated backup of your important files, but here are some pointers in case you're curious.

Where can I download CrashPlan?
Submit a support request to
What is backed up by default?
By default, CrashPlan is configured to back up your user profile on your main hard drive. This does not include OS settings, applications or other preferences.

Your user profile contains your Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Favorites, Music, Pictures and Video folders. If you save your data in other locations, your CrashPlan settings can be modified to change up the backup file selection:
How do I change or modify my backup settings?
Please see our "getting started" articles for Windows and macOS. You can browse and select individual folders and files to be included in your next backup.

I use a Mac with Time Machine backups enabled. Does that conflict with CrashPlan?
CrashPlan does not interfere with Time Machine and can be safely used as a secondary backup solution.

Can I back up external devices (like USB, Thunderbolt or Firewire hard drives)?
By default, CrashPlan is not configured to back up external devices. We do not recommend backups of external devices that are regularly disconnected from your computer.

How many devices can I setup for backup?
You have the ability to back up four devices under your account.

What are the storage limitations per device?
CrashPlan offers unlimited backups per device. There is no restriction on data storage.

How frequently will my devices back up?
After the initial backup, CrashPlan will back up any modifications made automatically and in real time.

Can CrashPlan be used to back up mobile devices or iPads?
No, CrashPlan is only available for laptops and desktops. 

Can I use the CrashPlan mobile app?
At this time, the CrashPlan mobile app does not support single sign-on, so it does not work with our environment.