CrashPlan is our self-managed, encrypted cloud backup solution for faculty and staff devices, including laptops and desktops. Setting up your automated backup is a breeze.

1. Download the CrashPlan installer for Mac
2. After the download finishes, navigate to the saved file. Double click SEU-CrashPlan-OSX.dmg and open it.
3. Under Devices, select Code42 CrashPlan.
4. Double-click the icon named Install Code42 CrashPlan.
5. Click Continue to start the installer.
6. When prompted for your user information, enter your username and password.
7) Click Install Software, and let the installer complete the installation.
8. Once the installer completes, select Close and the CrashPlan application will load.

Configuring CrashPlan

1. When CrashPlan launches, you will be prompted to log in. Please use your St. Edward's credentials to authenticate.
2. After logging in, select which files you want CrashPlan to back up. By default, CrashPlan backs up your user profile. This includes your Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Music and Downloads folders. If you save data in other locations on your computer (like on the root of your hard drive), you will need to select those folders.

3. If you need to add folders or files to your backup, select your device and then select Manage Files. This will let you browse folders and files to add or remove in your next backup.

4. When you have finished selecting items to include in your backup, select Save.