Panopto is a tool, available within Canvas, for recording presentations created by Instructors and/or Students.


Panopto is a tool for recording content created by Instructors and/or Students.  You can view an example Panopto recording to see what is possible.  When recording, you have the ability to capture audio, video, your computer screen and/or PowerPoint (also Keynote).  It's not necessary to capture all of these sources, you can choose the right combination for your needs (recording audio only, for example).  Once you've created your recordings, they are uploaded to the Panopto server automatically and are viewable within 30-45 minutes.

Where can I view Panopto Recordings

Content created using Panopto can easily be viewed by students and Instructors within Canvas.    It should be noted that Panopto recordings are not stored directly in Canvas (it just looks that way).  Panopto is a separate company and because Panopto is so well integrated into Canvas, it appears that the content is actually a part of the Canvas course. Video content that wasn't created using Panopto can also be uploaded and shared via Panopto, making it a convenient way to share videos with students. This is important because there are many situations where users want to share content outside of Canvas and it's useful to know that it's not necessary to use Canvas when you want to share Panopto videos.  

Here are some useful guides for using Panopto:‚Äč

When things go wrong

The Panopto server is not located here on campus, it's located in Pittsburgh!  This is important to know because it's a long way away and the files can be very large.  This means that sometimes your recordings won't make it to Pittsburgh and you'll need to re-upload them.  Don't worry, the recordings are stored on your machine and it's easy to re-upload them.

Here's how you re-upload your recordings when they fail to upload