Updated: June 23, 2017

You may have heard: The university is migrating to Google Gmail and Calendar. (Our Selection Report explains why.)

Who's using Gmail already? 

As of May 19, all current students and faculty have been moved to Gmail. Those groups include incoming students, as well as recent graduates who still have access to their email, and both full-time and adjunct faculty. Additionally, all school staff and staff who work closely with faculty are on the new platform. 

The migration of staff offices is ongoing, with new areas moving each week. Here's a list of which offices have moved so far: 
  • Academic Counseling and Support Programs
  • Advancement
  • Assessment 
  • Athletics
  • Bursar
  • Business Services & Accounting
  • CAMP
  • Campus Ministry
  • Campus Recreation
  • Campus Safety
  • Career and Professional Development
  • Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Copy Center
  • Dean of Students 
  • Facilities
  • Fellowships
  • Global Engagement Office
  • Global Initiatives
  • Health and Counseling Center
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Institutional Research
  • McNair Scholars
  • Munday Library
  • Office of the Executive Vice President
  • Office of the President
  • Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Office of the Vice President for Financial Affairs
  • Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Post Office
  • Procurement  
  • Ragsdale Center  
  • Registrar
  • Residence Life 
  • Risk Management
  • Student Academic Support Services
  • Student Disability Services
  • Student Financial Services
  • Student Life
  • Sustainability
  • University Police
  • Wild Basin

What's the timeline?

Our goal is to have everyone at the university, from incoming freshmen to alumni and retirees, transitioned to Gmail by Aug. 1. To do that, we'll be moving accounts in phases. Right now, here's what we're working on to make that happen. 
  • Staff Offices: We plan to move staff together as offices and divisions, and we'll be in contact with each area to schedule a date that works. These moves will happen over the summer, on a rolling basis, right up to Aug. 1. 
  • Retired Staff and Faculty: We plan to move retired members of the St. Edward's community together, as a group, this summer. They'll be able to access their Gmail inbox July 31.

What does this mean for me? 

Once your account has been migrated, you'll need to check your email at gmail.stedwards.edu, or through myHilltop. The URL change is temporary, just until everyone at the university has been moved to Gmail. We expect that date to be Aug. 1, at which point mail.stedwards.edu will work for everyone again.

What should I do?

Not much, but we do have a few suggestions as you prepare to make the switch. 
  1. Unlink your email account from your phone or tablet. The best way to check your email or look at your calendar from your device is to download the Gmail and Google Calendar apps from the App Store or the Google Play store. So we recommend unlinking your St. Edward's Zimbra inbox and calendar from any native apps on your devices before you migrate.
  2. Back up your contacts. While we'll move all of your email and all of your calendar entries, we won't move your contacts. If you want to preserve your current Zimbra contact list, we have some instructions on how to transfer them to Gmail on your own. Note: Anyone you've emailed recently and, eventually, everyone at St. Edward's will show up as a contact regardless. 
  3. Learn the lingo. Some features have different names or styles in Gmail, including folders, which will appear as labels in your new inbox. 
  4. Recreate your email signature. If you've set up an email signature in Zimbra, you'll need to recreate it in Gmail. But that's a quick update in the Settings menu, accessible from the gear icon in your inbox. 
  5. Re-sync Outlook and Mac Mail connections. For those who use Outlook or Mac Mail, you will need to re-enable those settings with your Gmail inbox. For the best experience, however, we recommend using the Gmail web view to check your messages.

Is there anything else I should expect? 

There are a couple of things to keep in mind about the process of syncing your Zimbra account with Gmail. 
  • If you've shared your calendar with someone, or if someone has shared their calendar with you, those will be re-shared automatically in Gmail. While we sync your Zimbra account, you may get several emails letting you know that someone has shared their calendar with you. This is normal, and it's fine to ignore those messages.
  • Because of the way the sync works, you may notice some emails are missing temporarily when you log in to Gmail for the first time. Your full inbox shouldn't take more than 1-2 days to appear. 
For any other questions, check out our FAQ collection.