The Global Digital Classrooms in Munday Library allow you to conduct presentations for classes or events. Here's how you can do so.

To begin, from the Extron media control home touchscreen (to the left at the teacher station) in both GDC rooms, tap the display ON sign button. This will turn on the large displays in the room. It takes about 30 seconds for all TVs and devices to fully turn on. It will then proceed to the main screen.

Choose the source you will be using. Possible sources include the PC (the desktop computer in the teach station rack), Document Camera input (resting on the top of desk to right of the teacher station), HDMI input from the cable coming out of the cabinet, and VGA input from the cable coming out of the cabinet. Here are the cables:‚Äč

It also shows the room cameras available, but those are not meant as presentation sources, only for use in PC lecture capture and conferencing applications. 

For normal presentation operation, as with the other classroom teacher stations, just select from the presentation source options at the top of the screen, and it will be presented in full-screen on all the displays*. Use the center section to adjust controls available for that source. Use the audio controls on the right for volume adjustment. Use display and room controls on left to temporarily turn off or back on the displays and to adjust the room lighting/shades.
You may use the Shades Up and Down option, as shown on main screen or in start, inset below, to raise or lower the window shades in LIBR 141 or 143.

*Occasionally, the system will decide to put something into a picture-in-picture (PIP) mini-window. If that happens, call our Help Desk at 512-448-8443 or email and we’ll walk you through easily fixing it.
At the end of the day, shut down using the “System Shutdown” button in the bottom right area.