Once you've synced your Zimbra account with Mac Mail, you'll need to know a few things about using that client. We've collected some how-to's on basic Mac Mail functions.

Checking Your Quota

  1. To check your email capacity, right-click Inbox and click Get Account Info.                                                                                                             
  2. In the pop-up window, make sure Quota Limits is selected. If your quota is at 0 percent, Mac Mail is syncing properly and you won't need to clean up your mailbox.                                                                                                               

Updating Your Password

  1. If you have recently updated your St. Edward's password at account.stedwards.edu, Mac Mail will automatically prompt you to enter your password. Do so and click OK.                                                                                                        
  2. Once you enter your new password, you'll need to go to Preferences > Accounts. Re-enter your new password, then click the dropdown menu next to Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) and click Edit SMTP Server List. Click the Advanced tab and make sure your SEU account is selected and that the Authentication is set to Password. Type in your new password.     

Groups (Distribution Lists)

  1. You can create distribution lists in Mac Mail. Go to File > New Group and name your group.
  2. To add members, click All Contacts and drag and drop the contacts you want to add to your group. You'll now be able to type the group name in the To: field of new emails.                                                                                                                                          
  3. You can also invite groups to events on your calendar. Right click the event in your calendar and select Get Info. Then click Add Invitees and type the name of your group or the individual contacts. Click Send.                                                                                 

Managing Folders

  1. To create a new mailbox folder, open Mac Mail and go to Mailbox > New Mailbox. Choose the location and name of your mailbox. It should appear on the left hand side under your mailbox folders. You can click and drag emails to add them to your folder.                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  2. To rename a mailbox, right-click and select Rename Mailbox. To move a mailbox, select and drag it. To delete a mailbox, right-click and click Delete Mailbox. This will permanently delete the mailbox and its contents.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  3. To empty the trash, right-click the Trash folder and click Erase Deleted Items. This will permanently delete emails in your Trash.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Smart Mailboxes

  1. Smart Mailboxes automatically update their contents to match the criteria that you set. To create a Smart Mailbox, click Mailbox > New Smart Mailbox. Name your Smart Mailbox and add filters to decide which emails will be filtered into it. Click OK.