The Office of Information Technology supports three types of printers on campus: network, copier/printers and personal printers.

Network printers are located in labs, hands-on computer classrooms and staff and school offices.

Lab and Classroom Printing

You must be logged into the SEU Wi-Fi or with a wired connection to print to a lab or classroom printer. SEU-Guest will not allow you to connect. If a lab or classroom printer is not working, or if a classroom printer needs toner or paper, contact OIT Support at 512-448-8443.

For a list of labs and their locations, click here.

Local Printers

IT supports HP Deskjet printers. Contact OIT Support for troubleshooting. Departments are responsible for replacing toner/paper on local printers. 

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing from laptops is available in the library and all residence halls. This means you don't have to copy files to a lab computer in order to print. Just connect your laptop wirelessly in the library or your residence hall and follow the instructions to print on Mac or PC.

Purchasing a Printer

Supported printers for faculty and staff may be purchased by submitting a request to OIT and Procurement.

Faculty Printing

Faculty members can consult their department for office printer locations. For large and specialty print jobs, see the Copy Center.