St. Edward's students can drop off their computer at the Moody 309 Help Desk for service.

OIT support staff can perform only software service on your computer. Students are responsible for their own hardware repair/upgrades. Troubleshooting/computer re-imaging services are free for current students. 

Available Services

Drop-off service includes assistance with the following: 
  • Virus/spyware remediation
  • Startup issues
  • Network access
  • Antivirus software installation/configuration
  • Internet connectivity troubleshooting
  • OS updates
  • Lock-up/freezing issues
  • Device driver installation
  • Hardware consultation
  • Computer recommendations

When you bring your laptop to Moody 309, be sure to bring your power cord. In the event that your computer is too outdated or otherwise unable to be updated, we can provide consultation on a full OS reinstallation, but OIT is unable to wipe your hard drive and perform a full reinstallation. ‚Äč

Drop-Off Policies

Estimated Completion Time

OIT support services computers on a first come, first serve basis. We may give you an estimate of when your computer might be completed, but this is not a guaranteed completion time. You'll get a call or email when work on your computer is finished.


You must own the computer you bring in for repair. OIT support will only return the computer to the owner when the repair work is completed. You must own any software to be installed or re-installed. You'll need to bring the original software CDs with the appropriate keys and/or serial numbers.

Loss of Data

During the repair process, personal data may become damaged or deleted. OIT support is not responsible for data loss that may occur while performing repairs on your computer. You are responsible for backing up your data.


OIT support is not liable for any damages, lost equipment (i.e., power cord, CDs or laptop case) or loss of data while in possession of your computer. Please be advised that it is your responsibility to understand the impact of installs/upgrades/removals to the operating system, applications and utilities. OIT is not responsible for loss of applications or lost equipment while performing work on your computer.


If your equipment is not picked up within 90 days after we notify you the computer is ready to be picked up, we will treat your equipment as abandoned.