All benefits-eligible staff and all faculty receive an account at St. Edward's University. These accounts are dependent upon the completion of several Human Resources processes and procedures. Here's what you need to know about preparing new employees. 

A new employee's username and a temporary password are mailed to the supervisor's campus mailbox. Faculty and benefits-eligible staff automatically will receive access to email, myHilltop, Canvas and Box. Access — and levels of access — to other systems depends on the employee's status and the supervisor's requests. 

Information for Supervisors

The first step in ensuring a new employee has computer access (including, email, website and network access and admin account) is submitting the relevant employment documents to HR (Doyle 131) on or before their first day of work. 

New Employee Technology Training

We provide, upon request, new employees with a 60-minute introduction to technology services at St. Edward's. This includes an introduction to using email and calendar, myHilltop and Box. Supervisors can schedule an appointment with our training staff by emailing with the employee's name and the desired training date. 

Employee Access to Other University Systems

We provide tiers of access based on employee status:
  • Benefits-eligible staff, faculty and adjunct faculty: access to email, Box, myHilltop and Canvas
  • Guest accounts: access only to email unless other access is explicitly requested and granted.
For access to Banner beyond the baseline access, the new employee's supervisor will need to complete the ERP Account Request Form

To order a new computer or new software for an employee, please submit a request at least 10 working days prior to the new hire date. To reconfigure an existing computer for a new employee, contact OIT support at least five working days prior to the start date.

Computers being passed down to a new employee should be re-imaged before the employee starts. This process involves wiping all data off the computer and reinstalling the operating system and applications. Backup of any documents on the computer may be requested by the supervisor.

For a new employee to have phone and voicemail service on the first day of employment, contact OIT support. Please allow for five working days prior to the start date to have a new phone line and/or telephone unit installed. To change/update existing phone service, please allow for at least one working day prior to the start date.