SEU Sites allows current faculty, staff and students to create individual blogs, websites or e-portfolios using WordPress.

You can create a blog for personal learning or reflection; your course, module, tutorial class or any other group; a departmental or faculty news blog; or an event or conference.

Getting Started

Once you arrive at, click the login button in the top right corner of the screen. When you log in for the first time, a blog will be created for you automatically. A few things to know about this:
  • All sites will be created with your St. Edward's username and will have the address[username].
  • Blogs or e-portfolios hosted at may be exported by following these instructions. You can import your site into any external WordPress site.
  • If you need a site for a class or an organization, please contact OIT support. Instructional Technology will assist you with the setup. 
  • If you'd like some more tips on getting started, check out our video tutorial and help documents.

Creating Class Blogs or Student Class Blogs

If you are a faculty member and would like a site for your class or for your students to have individual sites for a class assignment, please contact OIT support. Instructional Technology will assist you with the setup. 

Other Options for Creating a Website

St. Edward's offers a web-hosting platform to faculty and students called SEU Create. Create has more advanced functionality — and requires more advanced knowledge. The platform is used primarily for Computer Science classes, and it is supported by the faculty for those classes. Take a look at our comparison to see which platform is right for you.