When you first set up your voicemail with an on-campus phone, you'll receive a password alongside your mailbox number to access your messages.

Please note: You can either have voicemail or an answering machine connected to a phone line — not both. Additionally, we suggest you don't use your mailbox as a filing cabinet because messages are deleted automatically after seven days. 

To retrieve your voicemail from your room, office or apartment phone, dial 8722. To access your mailbox from off-campus, dial (512) 448-8722

Recording a Greeting

  1. Dial the voicemail access number: 8722.
  2. When asked for the mailbox, dial your four-digit number, followed by the # key.
  3. When asked for the password, dial your four-digit password, followed by the # key.
  4. Press 82. For the external greeting, press 1, and then press 5. After the tone, record your greeting. Press the # key to end.
  5. Press 2 to review your greeting.
  6. Press 82 once again. To record your internal greeting, press 2, and then 5. After the tone, record your greeting. Press the # key to end.
  7. Press 2 to review your greeting. (If you choose not to record an internal greeting, the system will use your external greeting by default.)

Changing Your Password

  1. Dial 8722 and press 84.
  2. Enter your new password and press #.
  3. Re-enter your new password and press #.
  4. Enter your old password and press #.
  5. Hang up, and you're done! 

Listening to Messages

To ... Press ... You'll Hear ...
Play the message just described 2 The message
Go to the next message 6 The description of the next message
Go to the previous message 4 The description of the previous message
Play a specific message 86 + message number + # The description of the message
Pause during playback # Playback stopped
Continue listening 2 Message playback resuming
Skip backward 5 seconds at a time 3 An earlier part of the message
Skip forward 5 seconds at a time 3 A later part of the message
Delete the message 76 No message
Restore the deleted message (within the current session only) 76 (go to deleted message first) The message

Setting Up Distribution Lists (for Faculty and Staff) 

Faculty and staff members can send voicemail messages to multiple mailboxes and create distribution lists (e.g., a list containing the mailboxes of everyone in a department).

To create a distribution list:
  1. While logged in to your own mailbox, press 75 and listen to the prompts. 
  2. Enter a distribution list number (1-9) and press #. Wait for instructions on creating your list. 
  3. After you have created a list, press 4 to return to your messages. 
To send a message to multiple mailboxes: 
  1. While logged in to your own mailbox, press 75 and listen to the prompts.
  2. Enter the first mailbox (or distribution list) and press #.
  3. Continue entering mailbox numbers, each followed by #
  4. When finished, press # once again to end the list.
  5. Press 79 to send the message.