If you're having trouble connecting to the university's wired or wireless network, there are a few common tips that might clear up the issue before you ever need to call us. 

Troubleshooting Wireless Network Issues

All St. Edward's staff, faculty and students should use the main SEU wireless network. If you have trouble connecting, we recommend you: 
  • Double-check that you're using your St. Edward's username and password. If you can't remember your password, you can reset it at account.stedwards.edu
  • Remove (or "forget") the network and reconnect. 

Troubleshooting Wired Network Issues

The wired network provides stronger data speeds than Wi-Fi and should be used when available. If you're having trouble connecting, we recommend you: 
  • Make sure your ethernet cable is attached securely to both your computer and the wall outlet.
  • Check that the cable is detected in your system settings.
  • Make sure any adapters you're using are compatible with your operating system (Mac/PC). 
If all of that fails, we encourage you to call us at 512.448.8443, email us at support@stedwards.edu or fill out the support form below. It's possible you have a driver or hardware issue on your computer, the port is not configured correctly or the network is experiencing issues.