Wireless printing is available on campus in Johnson and Moody Halls, as well as Munday Library.

Before you can send documents from your computer to any of these printers, you'll need to run through the following steps. If you're a PC user, check out our setup instructions for your operating system. You also need to be logged in to the SEU Wi-Fi network to print wirelessly. SEU-Guest will not allow you to connect.

1. Open System Preferences

In the Hardware row, click Print & Scan.                                                                                                          Control Palen screen

2. Add the Printer

In the Print & Scan window, click the plus sign (+) in the Printers pane. This will open an Add window. Click the IP icon at the top.    Print and Scan window screen 

3. Enter Printer Information

Each of the three wireless printers has a unique IP address. These are listed below, along with individual settings.
  • Johnson Hall

    • IP Address:
    • Protocol: HP JetDirect - Socket
    • Name: Johnson Hall
    • Location: Johnson Hall
  • Moody Hall Atrium

    • IP Address:
    • Protocol: HP JetDirect - Socket
    • Name: Moody Hall Atrium
    • Location: Moody Hall Atrium
  • Munday Library

    • IP Address: or
    • Protocol: HP Jetdirect - Socket
    • Name: Library Commons
    • Location: Library Commons

4. Configure the Printer Settings

The print wizard will ask you to configure the printer's options. Leave the default settings and click OK
The printer configuration screen

5. Complete Printer Setup

Once the install is finished, you'll be taken back to the Print & Scan window, where you'll now see the printer on the left side of the screen. You should see a green dot next to it that tells you the printer is online.