Channels are code for groups that can send messages via Topper Text. All channels have to be approved by Topper Text admins. 

Creating a Group for Approval

  1. Log in with your university username and password at Rave. From there, select the Groups tab and click Create a GroupThe Groups tab, with the option selected to "Create a Group"
  2. Enter a name, unique keyword (a name with fewer than 15 characters for sending messages via text) and description of the group, and upload a photo for the channel. 
  3. Set the Visibility of your channel to Private, so only invited members can view this channel and its posts. Image of the Create a Group screen where you can enter information.
  4. Set the Who Can Post preference to Administrators, so only selected people can post to the channel. 
  5. Hit Submit. 
  6. Your channel creation request will be sent to a Topper Text administrator for approval. You'll receive an email when your request is approved. 

Inviting Channel Members

  1. Once your channel has been approved and created, it will appear under My Groups. To look at your group, click the magnifying glass icon. 
  2. To add members, click Invite to Group under Actions.                                                                                                                                                  An image of the Actions tab, with "Invite to Group" selected.
  3. Here, you can add any St. Edward's faculty, staff or student by entering their email addresses. (Multiple email addresses should be separated by commas.)                                                                                                                                                                                      The Invite Users screen
  4. Click Invite Users

Managing Members and Permissions

As a channel administrator, you can change permission levels for or remove members entirely.
  1. Click Manage Members under Actions.          
  2. To delete a member, click the minus sign (-) after their name. To change their permissions, select the drop-down menu under Role.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Manage Members screen with dropdown menu
There are three roles for a channel:
  • Administrators can ...
    • Get notified of new content
    • Post content to the channel
    • Edit content
    • Manage member permissions
    • Invite members
  • Contributors can ...
    • Get notified of new content
    • Post content to the channel
  • Members can ...
    • Get notified of new content

Posting Content to a Channel From Your Computer

Administrators and contributors can post messages to a channel. 
  1. View your group and under Recent Messages/Polls, click Post MessageRecent Messages screen
  2. Enter the message and click Post

Posting Content to a Channel From Your Phone

  1. To post a message to your channel from your phone, text the shortcode 67283 (MRAVE).
  2. In the body of the message, type the channel keyword. That keyword tells Rave which group of people to route the message to. 
  3. After the keyword, enter a space and then type your message. For example, "TennisClub Hi everyone!"
  4. You can also send messages through the browser on your phone by going to the Rave website.