To turn the video camera on, press the red “HD Cam” button on the small A/V control display next to the computer monitor, followed by the “Cam On” button. 
1. Next, Click on the Green Panopto Recorder Icon in the top left section of the Desktop menu.
2. To sign into Panopto, click on the blue “SEU Canvas” box and enter your SEU credentials.
3. Log in using your standard St. Edward’s credentials.
4. If prompted, click the green “Authorize” button.  You can skip this step in the future by checking the “Remember” box.
5. Once the Panopto Recorder application is open, ensure that you are recording to the desired folder.  You can change folders by clicking the blue folder button.
6.  Make sure that you are recording with the “HDMI Video” camera and the “Samson GoMic” microphone.  This is the default setting and you should see both the video image and the audio meter moving.  If the camera is not on, follow the steps at the end of this document to turn it on.
7. Click “Record” when ready.
7. Put the PowerPoint presentation in “Slide show” mode. Deliver presentation as you normally would.
8.  When recording is complete, exit presentation mode in PowerPoint (ESC key).  Next, go to the Panopto recorder, click the stop button and then the blue upload button.
9.  You will see the upload meter as the recording is uploaded to the server. 
Once you see that the upload is in process, you can log out of the machine.  It is not necessary to wait while the upload completes.

For more information about recording using Panopto see the Panopto documentation.

Here are some useful guides for using Panopto:

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