Turnitin, the university-supported plagiarism checker, provides Originality Reports for plagiarism checking and Feedback Studio for grading online assignments.

Turnitin is integrated with Canvas Assignments and should be accessed through Canvas. This integration is already set up system-wide in Canvas, so you don't need to integrate it separately into your classes.

You can create and grade Turnitin assignments completely within Canvas, or use Turnitin's Feedback Studio tools for grading.

For complete instructions on setting up a Turnitin assignment, head over to the Turnitin Documentation. For help with Turnitin Settings and Options see the Turnitin Guide to Assignment Settings.

Best Practices for Using Turnitin within Canvas

  • You should always add a Due Date for your Turnitin assignment. If you leave the Due Date blank, Turnitin will automatically set the due date to 2 weeks from creation date or first availability date.
  • Setting an Available Until date will prevent students from accessing their Originality Reports after this date, so we suggest leaving this date blank.
  • We also recommend using the Turnitin Assignment Inbox when grading instead of going to the Canvas Gradebook. Click the link for the assignment name to access the Turnitin Inbox. From here, you can download papers and Originality Reports and use either Turnitin's Feedback Studio or the Canvas Speedgrader tool to annotate or mark up the paper. Grades entered in the Turnitin Feedback Studio will be transferred automatically to the Canvas Gradebook.
  • Note: It's possible to submit PowerPoint files through Turnitin, but Turnitin converts the PowerPoint slide deck into a static PDF, leaving all text and images in their original format but leaving out features such as presenter notes, embedded video, and animations. Presenter notes are not evaluated as part of the Originality Report.

Creating Draft Assignments

  • If you plan on having students submit multiple drafts for a paper, the best practice would be to create each draft as a separate assignment.
  • If you're creating a revision/draft assignment, you should choose not to store the paper in Turnitin's student paper database. This will prevent subsequent submissions from being marked as plagiarized. In the Turnitin Optional Settings, set 'Submissions to this assignment will be stored in:' to 'Do not store the submitted papers.' 

Using Canvas Rubrics with a Turnitin Assignment

If you're using a Canvas Rubric to grade an assignment turned in through Turnitin, you must create the Canvas Assignment initially as a standard Online Submission. 
  1. Save your assignment with the submission type as "Online Submission"
  2. Add your rubric in Canvas. 
  3. After the rubric has been added, edit the assignment and change the Submission Type to External Tool and select Turnitin.
  4. Save your assignment.
  5. Continue setting up the assignment by editng the Turnitin specific options.

Submitting a Paper Directly to Turnitin

Do you need to submit a student paper directly to Turnitin? Instructors can use Quick Submit on the Turnitin.com site to submit a paper without first creating a class and assignment. 

For more information on using Turnitin or Turnitin's Feedback Studio please check out Turnitin's Youtube video.

For more information on using Canvas, please visit the 
Canvas Training Center for faculty or try the Canvas Community for comprehensive resources beyond St. Edward's.