St. Edward’s University offers several platforms for creating a web presence.

Would you like to publish a website or blog for your class? Would you like your students to journal, blog or create online content? We have several options available.
  • SEU Sites is a WordPress platform that can be used for websites, blogs or e-portfolios. Sites provides tested themes and plug-ins using WordPress and requires little or no knowledge of HTML and CSS to manage a site. If you're interested, check out our guide to getting started with SEU Sites
  • Google Sites is a website-building platform available through G Suite that you can use to create websites or wikis quickly using G Suite tools. 
  • Institutional Repository (IR) is a resource provided by Munday Library for faculty projects that require the collection of data or extensive online research. 
  • Canvas is used primarily for academic courses, but it can be used for committees, groups or other special purposes.
  • Faculty profiles on the main St. Edward's website are intended to provide space for faculty members to showcase their professional and academic career, as well as highlight unique achievements.
  • Portfolium, a platform for creating learning portfolios, is currently being piloted on campus.
We've outlined some general uses and which tool we recommend for each in the chart below. There are exceptions to every rule, of course, and if you have questions or ideas, we encourage you to submit a support request

What You'd Like to Do

Our Recommendation

Class Blogs SEU Sites
Faculty Websites for Class Resources 
(Course Materials, Assignments, etc.)
Departmental or Committee Websites SEU Sites
Advising or Advisor Websites Canvas
School or Departmental Blog SEU Sites
e-Portfolios Portfolium
Faculty Professional Profile or CV Faculty Profile
Durable, Indexed Storage for Research Data Institutional Repository
Data- or Project-Centered Site Design Institutional Repository
Grant That Requires Open Access to Data Institutional Repository
Durable Access to Data That Supports a Published Work Institutional Repository
Student-Centered Publications
(e.g., Pangea)
SEU Sites
Wiki Google Sites
Basic website for class assignment Google Sites