Do your students need access to your materials in Canvas before the first class meeting or after the last class meeting?

By default, the start and end date of every course are the first and last class meeting. If you want students to access your course before the first meeting, or you want to make the course available for students to study for finals or check final grades, you will need to adjust the start and end dates in Canvas.

Changing the Start and End Dates of Courses 

  1. Click Settings in the Course menu
  2. Click the Starts or Ends dates to make changes. If you click the calendar to the right of the date you can select a specific date. You can change the time by typing in the Time field at the bottom of the calendar entry form.
    Starts and Ends with dates and times filled in.
  3. Take time to notice the check box immediately below the Ends field. By default, this box is checked so "users can only participate in the course between these dates." This means students won't be able to access the course materials after the end date. If you uncheck this box, students can access course content in a read-only mode as long as they can access Canvas.
  4. Once you're happy, click Update Course Details to save your settings.

For more information on using Canvas, please visit the Canvas Training Center for faculty or try the Canvas Community for comprehensive resources beyond St. Edward's.