Having problems finding your course in Canvas? Your courses are listed in the Courses link on the far left menu and on the Dashboard. 

You can control which classes appear in Courses and Dashboard by favoriting a course.  Courses may not be available to be added to the Dashboard if:

  • The course has not been published by the instructor
  • The current date is outside the start or end date set by the instructor
If you cannot favorite a course, please check with your instructor to see when, or if, they will start using Canvas for the course.

Favoriting Courses in Canvas on the Web

  • Log in to Canvas.
  • Click Courses in the left menu.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list of courses and select All Courses.
  • Courses in semesters that have not started will appear in Upcoming Courses in the All Courses list.
  • Click the star icon to the left of every course you want to see in your Course List or Dashboard. In the example below, the courses "Sandbox-ACE" and "Adam Faculty Advising" are selected and will appear on the Dashboard and in the Courses list.
    Course dialog box with stars selected next to courses Sandbox-ACE and Adam Faculty Advising

Favoriting Courses in the iOS or Android App

The instructions above control the display of courses on the web-based version of Canvas. If you change your favorite courses on the web, the changes will be mirrored on your mobile app. Instructions for changing favorites from the mobile app are available for iOS and Android devices.

Which Courses Are Available to Students?

 Students can see, but not access:

  • Courses that have not been published by the instructor
  • Courses whose start date has not been reached
  • Courses whose end date has been reached
By default, all courses have a begin date that matches the first class meeting time and an end date that that matches the last class meeting time. Only instructors can publish or change course start and end dates.

For more information on using Canvas, please visit the Canvas Training Center for faculty or try the Canvas Community for comprehensive resources beyond St. Edward's.