Just by being St. Edward's University students, faculty or staff, you can receive discounts on software for your personal computers.

Free Microsoft Office for Students

With a valid St. Edward's email address, students can get Office 365, along with massive amounts of online storage, for free.

Discounts on Adobe and Microsoft Software

Our partnership with ScholarBuys means all members of the campus community can get significant discounts on Adobe and Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office products. On the ScholarBuys purchasing website, you can find available discounts by running through the dropdown menus. Please note: They've listed our institution as "Saint Edwards University" in the Texas college list. 

Discounts are divided by those available for students and for staff and faculty. You'll need to register on the site with your St. Edward's email address and select the group you fall under. 

Free SPSS Student Licenses

Students can download a student version of SPSS. Students can download the application and find installation instructions in the SPSS Box folder.The license covers Mac and Windows computers and will expire on 6/20/18.

Free Minitab Express Licenses

Students can download an express version of Minitab. Students can download the application and find installation instructions in the Minitab Box folder.

Free Antivirus Software

Meanwhile, students and faculty can get our recommended antivirus software from Avast! for free. You can find more information on securing your Mac, PC, Android or iPhone on that company's website